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According to vegetarian food finding, in India alone around 33 crores of birds and animals are killed every year and 50 lakh ton of flesh trade is carried on. This is enough to show that innumerable birds and animals are killed every year throughout the world. The question that arises is that, is it not possible for the human being to live healthy without eating non-vegetarian food? The fact is that the human being can get the less expensive, nutritious, disease curing and healthy food from vegetarian food without killing any living creature. This can be proved from the following facts, that vegetarian food contains sufficient amount of nutrition.

Besides the report says that the human beings contracts around the healthy body by the consumption of vegetable food. The vegetarian food is totally harmless, beneficial and keeps us healthy. Killing the innocent birds and animals amounts to sin and crime. The poor speechless creatures are subjected to torture during the process of killing.

A proper mix of vegetarian food items and to maintain the nutrition at the time of cooking, eating boiled food, properly drying, sprouts and fermentation can increase the food quality. Milk and milk products have sufficient amount of protein, calcium and vitamins. The toned milk also contains 38 per cent of high protein. There is no nutritional elementArticle Submission, which is present in meat and eggs and not available in milk. This is beneficial for the heart patients as well because it reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood; it is the antidote to several poisons. For your comments Indo Munch

After a certain time limit you will notice the changes that your health is having due to the benefits of eating good food that is green. The most important aspect that you will find due to a vegetarian health conscious diet is that your health is better than ever before.